American Cargo Sales 

 Large volume enclosed cargo trailer dealer in Georgia. Address 381 New Forest hwy. Douglas, GA 31533.  This is where you will pick up your cargo trailer.  We are a Dealer with a physical location.  It means when you see a trailer on our website that is the actual trailer you are buying and the actual pics of that enclosed cargo trailer. These are  NEW TRAILERS! Douglas, GA is one of a few places in America that its local economy relies heavy on the enclosed cargo industry. We have several manufactures that we have a great relationship with to assist you in your enclosed cargo trailer needs. There are various sizes and options that are common to the enclosed cargo trailer industry so give American Cargo Sales a call (912) 493-9070 or email us   sales@americancargosales.com

Call to reserve yours today! All instock trailers with deposit must be picked up within 15 days of deposit. Or you forfeit deposit.